rainbows, bananas and boobs

I’m deeply saddened by the departure of a co-worker friend.  Today was the first day that I did not have her by my side at work.  I miss her support, her laughter and her impeccable eye for detail.  I saw that her name tag was still up, her cube empty, and I felt hollow inside.  I was tempted to take her name tag but the facilities personnel would probably discover me clinging to it desperately.  Her departure leaves an empty space and I honestly felt like crying today at work.  At least she is moving on to an exciting opportunity and I’m very proud of her!  It’s amazing how having someone that you click with can make the toughest work load seem light.  Not too long ago we took a moment to escape from a hectic-microsoft-excel-overdosed-day and enjoyed the view of a double rainbow outside our office.


On another day she left a banana sitting out on her desk and I drew a sweet little face on it to greet her when she arrived.  She snapped this photo below.


And she also helped rekindle a favorite hobby of mine- making burlesque-esque costumes!  She asked for some assistance with a Halloween costume that she knew she wanted to wear again, but it needed a few more finishing touches.  Here are some shots of her Katy Perry-esque bra (I sewed and glued on the furry “icing” with some remnant fabric).  We could not stop giggling when we saw this costume come to life. I want to make more of these and I’m thankful that she rekindled my passion for this craft.  Thank you AEL!




we could NOT stop laughing!

Recently I also came across some photos that another friend posted on a social network site of some burlesque bras that I made for her a few years back.  I was so pleased to see that not only are they still being used for burlesque performances, but also that they’ve held up to the wear and tear over the years (they’re 3 – 5 years old)!


bear bra


robot bra (Photo courtesy of Timmy Samuel at Starbelly Studios Photography, http://www.starbellystudios.com/)


robot bra


Christmas bra


Christmas bra (Photo courtesy of Timmy Samuel at Starbelly Studios Photography, http://www.starbellystudios.com/)

Making more burlesque costumes will definitely keep my spirits up!


down the tube…

This is a crafty way to get rid of any toxic cosmetics that may still be polluting your makeup bag.

Make a five-minute art project out of it.  It’s much more fun that just throwing it away.

Can you smell the “fragrance?”  Adiós a los tóxicos!

The Seea Swimsuit

-The Seea Swimsuit-

-An amazing Birthday gift from my love-

It’s a one piece suit, and like their website says, “These suits are made for you ladies, so enjoy them and play often.”

See more of The Seea’s amazing styles here.  For anyone who burns easily in the sun, this suit is for you.  It is so comfortable and well-made.  Not to mention, a locally crafted and 100% Californian product.


taking inventory

♥♥♡ his & hers ♡♥♥

I took inventory of our sharp objects collection.  From my research I conclude that my husband and I are birds of a feather.  For the most part the excess number of scissors in the collection is my doing and the excess number of knives is his.  Overall, it is a shared collection but the collection of scissors has it’s own set of rules based on the special purpose of each pair of scissors.  Here I let any element of OCD that I may have shine its brightest.  The kitchen scissors and garden scissors are used ONLY in the kitchen and garden (obviously!).  The sewing scissors are only for cutting fabric or thread. The crappy scissors are for whatever you want (prying something open, scraping, opening boxes, cutting duct tape, you name it).  And the list goes on.

The inventory count was insightful:

scissors = 22

knives = 21

But one knife is missing.  I presume it must have been stolen because it was a beauty.  We looked everywhere for it but it has not yet surfaced.  Technically we should have 22 as our magic number.  Twenty-two is a powerful number in the world of numerology (the “Master Builder” number that turns ambitious dreams into reality).  We need to find that knife!

Feliz Navidad Prospero Año y Felicidad

This year one of the funniest Christmas cards we received was from my Aunt Margaret.  The front of the card was peppered with die-cut snowflakes and it read, “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let is Snow.”  Inside she wrote, “Kathleen & Donald, It does snow.”

It was a simple reminder for those of us nestled along the southern Pacific Coast that December can be a very dark and ferociously cold month.

Although, I have to admit that I was freezing when we took these photos below for our card this year.  I can hear my family and friends scoffing about this statement from 2,000 miles away.  My inner Chicagoan is taunting me as well.  This is exactly what I love and miss about my Midwestern crew- their humor, wit, pragmatism, honesty and authenticity.

Merry Christmas!

two surfers braving the "cold" for a few waves

"Asymmetrical. Stay." Some days my hair listens to what I tell it to do.

Red adapter where are you?

I lost the red adapter to my snap fastener plier kit.  It’s a tiny, circular piece of red plastic that would maybe fit on my pinky finger.

It’s gone & there will be no fastening of snaps today.  I swear I put it exactly where it should be in a large Ziplock bag along with all the extra snap pieces and the pliers.  I think I might have to buy a whole new kit just to get this red piece of plastic back in my toolbox.  This is so not me.  I’m not the type to lose essential pieces of tiny red plastic.  It’s amazing how aggravating misplacing something can be, especially if it prevents you from your ultimate goal.

Then while attempting to distract myself I came across this video today (posted on two favorite blogs: Door Sixteen & Miss Moss) and somehow the irritation just floats away when I watch it.  It’s a video of Mariachi Connecticut performing for a beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium.  Put aside the fact that the beluga is in captivity for one minute and 45 seconds and just let the beauty of this creature and the melodious Mariachi music put you in a good mood too.


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