If M.I.A. Made a Music Video in the Colorado Wilderness

Trail cameras are great because you never know what type of photos you’ll end up with (if any).  We strapped ours to a tree for a few weeks in hopes of seeing a mountain lion but the results were mostly pine trees swaying and deer grazing.  Still, the surprise element is exciting and it feels like developing film.

Donald showed me how to use masks in Photoshop to create some entertaining results.  Below are a few of our collaborations and some pleasant surprises captured by the Bushnell trail and game camera.  I call this series, “If M.I.A. Made a Music Video in the Colorado Wilderness.”


Please disregard the inaccurate date and time stamp on these photos.  They were shot this Spring in Colorado (2015).







The photo below shows why I never wear headphones when out in public and especially not while I’m deep in the woods.  I love to work out to music (especially listening to M.I.A.), but I prefer to know what’s going on around me when I’m outside. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


And below is an outtake (taken with an iPhone, not with the Bushnell camera) showing some of the props that I brought with me for this project.  I jogged ~ 3.5 miles up a mountain with 1,800+ elevation gain and a day-pack full of non-essentials (including lipstick + gold hoop earrings).


More to come because this was a really fun project and the fawns should be showing up in the mountains any day now…

*Note* No animals were injured during this photo shoot, however, I fell a few times while jumping around trying to activate the camera sensor.

Art of Sailing

I have a habit of jotting down inspirational quotes for myself often, but I wanted to share this one that I found a while back.


Buy a print of this from the seller PinQuotes on Etsy!


It also relates to Meghan Currie’s latest time-lapse yoga video.  I’ve already mentioned that I’m a huge fan of her work and find her to be an incredibly motivating force in my life.  In this video she remains steady and graceful as a tropical storm forcefully passes by.  I think you’ll enjoy this video as much as I do.

She also includes a beautiful Alan Watts quote with her video:

“Ecstasy is something higher, or further out, than ordinary pleasure… its achievement requires a particular discipline and skill that is comparable to the art of sailing. We do not resist the vibrations, pulses, and rhythms of nature, just as the yachtsman does not resist the wind. But he knows how to manage his sails and, therefore, can use the wind to go wherever he wishes. The art of life, as we see it, is navigation.” ~Alan Watts

Be Mine, or just Be…

I randomly came across this Human Heart illustration while doing an image search online and it is perfectly fitting for Valentine’s Day.  I’m not sure who the original artist is, but I think most people could relate to the humor and honesty portrayed here.  Most people could also relate to the highs and lows of love, particularly around Valentine’s Day, and this artist nailed it in one simple illustration.


I put together a series of Valentine’s Day inspired images from my photo library.  It is peppered with a few images of great gift ideas.

vday_kms002Alter Eco Dark Blackout Organic Chocolate.  Fairly traded, organically grown, and 85% cocoa!  Simple and pure delight.  Have a piece first thing in the morning on Valentine’s Day.




vday_kms007In Fiore based in San Francisco “is total floral seduction for your skin and for your soul” (as their website states).  They use certified organic or wild-crafted essential oils, herbal infusions, and floral waters to create balms, oils and more for your skin.  A friend of mine worked at In Fiore and she got me hooked on the Vetiver balm.  It smells divine.




vday_kms010I saw this bedroom (above left) in an article in Dwell Magazine years ago and the image stuck with me.  I love the lavender ceiling (they claimed that it’s the best color to see when waking), the upside-down lingerie artwork and the simplicity of this room.  I painted the ceiling of my bedroom lavender in my last apartment and I can vouch for its calming effect.  Also, having lavender on the ceiling creates a unique lighting effect during the day- a subtle, rose-colored-ombre hugs the walls which makes the perfect nap environment.  Read the full Dwell article here about this West Village home whose design focuses on the creative reuse of industrial materials, including a façade embedded with truck beds.  There is still enough time to paint the ceiling lavender before Valentine’s Day (but it might still smell like paint fumes on the 14th)!


vday_kms012Axl Rose tribute photo

vday_kms013I have always been impressed with Urban Outfitters’ lingerie designs.  They have a tendency to create soft silhouettes in contrast to the puffy, padded, underwire-laden designs that flood the market.  The labels Silence + Noise, Kimchi Blue and Out From Under have designs this season that are lovely, comfy and vintage-inspired.  I suggest getting the Silence + Noise Alexis Strappy Soft Bras in every color (above).  Or as seen below, treat your lady friend to the Silence + Noise Front O-Ring Strappy Bralette, the Out From Under Sheer Lace-Back Bralette, or the Kimchi Blue Allover Scalloped Lace Bralette (more colors available on the UO website).







vday_kms020Create a sprinkle topper for your smoothie that tastes just like Red Hots candy by mixing the following spices in equal parts:  turmeric, cayenne, cinnamon.  Then dust the mixture through a small heart stencil on top of the smoothie.  The spicy-icy combination is mood altering.


vday_kms022I recently found an original sketch for some t-shirts that I designed for a few friends that said “COOL BOOBS” in bubble letters.  The design was hand screen-printed on tight, white cotton tees so that the letters would stretch across their chest and be barely legible.  One friend mentioned that she still has the t-shirt which is now almost 10 years old and threadbare.  It’s probably in peak condition at this point.  Make a tight t-shirt for your sweetie!

vday_kms023Above is a pencil drawing that my mom did in February 1997.  She was forced to do this by my high school art teacher at a parent-teacher meeting.  I saved it because it is beautiful.  If you don’t normally draw or make art, but you decide to make some art for someone special you might melt their heart.

vday_kms024My vegan-gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe can be found here.  They’re protein-packed so your health nut friends will like them, too.  Make + share these and you will win hearts — forever.



vday_kms027I think most of us can relate to Ricky’s statement above from time to time.  In love.  In life.  It’s okay.  Do your best.


vday_kms029You can’t go wrong with gifting a pair of American Apparel Stripe Thigh-High Socks.  Think about it, you could buy someone a long, fuzzy robe, or you could buy them these thigh-high tube socks.  Both will keep them warm around the house, but one will keep them warmer.  Find more great options from American Apparel in their Hosiery & Socks section.

vday_kms030And lastly,

vday_kms031The “SHIP” is you.  Be nice to yourself on Valentine’s Day and every day!

Jill Bliss, thank you!

I am a huge fan of Jill Bliss.  For those of you who are not familiar with this lovely lady, she is a professional artist & designer, and in her own words she is also an “amateur photographer/ homesteader/ explorer living simply within the nature of the Pacific NW Islands.” She is an all around top-notch lady!  I purchased a Jill Bliss notebook years ago and have slowly been filling the pages with doodles, to do lists, recipes, and other ramblings. Despite that I use the notebook as a productivity tool, it lay dormant for an unknown amount of time tucked under a miscellaneous pile.

After a particularly rough week I turned to what always makes me feel better- exercise.  I reached for the Jill Bliss notebook because I remembered that I jotted down a series of yoga stretches each accompanied by its own stick figure drawing.  After flipping through the pages I realized that even when I manage to fill every page in this notebook I will keep and cherish it for years to come.  I love the way that Jill’s delicate drawings interact with my doodles and endless lists.  The notebook is a way of recording small wins, losses, or ideas that might otherwise slip through my memory and Jill’s illustrations add value and whimsy to each page.

Jill, thank you for sharing your talent and helping others unlock, understand, and celebrate their potential.

Jill Bliss instagram

Jill Bliss website + shop






It’s really funny to me that this page is mostly blank



doing a pull-up is still on my to do list by the way…


yes…still working on my closed/weak chakras, too



notes for designing a burlesque costume



memory games with Donald



correct spelling = psoas :)


night time

A very rare bout of insomnia prompted me to finish a task I have put off for some time- cleaning my computer and deleting unnecessary files.  I found some photos that I intended to post a while back of my Night Blooming Cereus plant that flowers for only one night.  I realize that a full year has gone by since I took the photos stored on my computer because now the plant is blooming once again.  I guess some things stay on the to-do list for a year.  The time has come to share some photos from both years of blooms.  Aside from the peony, this is my favorite flower and it has a most amazing scent that is worth staying up all night to experience.



flower buds from earlier in the summer




flower bloom ready to open












Happy New Year!

The sky was definitely showing off for the last few days of 2012.  I picked the top 12 photos that Donald and I took during the sunset in Southern California on December 30th, 2012 (yes, we both could not stop taking photos of this amazing cloud/rain/ocean show).

Here’s to a peaceful, mindful, healthy and prosperous 2013.  And many more days of cloud watching!













Happy Spring!

These videos make me feel very daffodil-n-dandelion-like…
Definitely inspiring!

See more of Meghan Currie here.

Here’s another Meghan Currie time-lapse yoga video that cat-lovers will enjoy:

And this one of Briohny Smyth by Equinox is really amazing too:

Time for some Spring cleaning!