Dear Skype,

Have I told you lately that I love you?

post for mom

Hi Mom,

I know you liked seeing the last set of iPhone Instagram photos so here are a few more for you to enjoy.

xo (exponentially),

Encinitas, CA winter swell, early morning January 2012

I've been waking up super early lately. Early meaning that the moon is still out. It's wonderful...there's so much to see.

This lil' lady looked amazing in her 1971 VW Karmann Ghia. I told her so and she gave me a cute smirk.

I love his bike to work outfits...

Self-Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, Encinitas, CA decorated for Christmas

Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, Escondido, CA. That's a tiny Donald @ 9 o'clock. I can barely keep up with him.

On my lunch break I watched the busy bees gather as much pollen as they could from this divine orange tree.


I like Instagram.  It’s a free app for the iPhone that allows you to instantly share photos with friends as well as use a variety of filters to alter your images.

I find myself pushing the ♥like button for so many of the photos that my friends post.  Given that many of my friends live at least 1,000 miles away it is a total joy to have a glimpse into their day and send some hearts back and forth.  I’m sharing some of my Instragram photos here so that my friends and family that remain loyal to their very first cell phone can share in the fun.  You know who you are and yes I’m referring to that same cell phone that starts beeping immediately after a 5-minute conversation to alert you of a dead battery .  I’m not knocking this at all.  It’s totally fine.  Call me back after you recharge your phone and know that your devotion is exactly what I love about you.

This first photo cracks me up.  Donald is on his way to go surfing and I’m learning not to put my finger in front of the lens.

One a side note:

Dear USPS-

I know that you’re experiencing financial hardship and sadly the post office depicted above is one of the many that has recently closed.  If you find that you are going to sell the letters on this building I would be delighted to place the first bid.



Good guess but it's a Renault 8S.

Muchísimas gracias!

Thank you Skype.  I love this more than you could ever know…